Pre-Construction Services

Why use integrated pre-construction services?

Pre-construction services come together to deliver an unrivalled level of expertise and collective service excellence to clients

Central Alliance brings a consolidated approach to pre-construction services, managed and executed by a competent, experienced team who share information on projects undertaken, ensuring better control of costs, reduced supervision requirements and the provision of co-ordinated data output. Central Alliance offers:

  • A company-wide pre-construction solution for its customers reducing time spent liaising with many different service providers
  • A consistently high level of service that ensures predictable costs on all projects
  • A larger range of technology led pre-construction services from one provider
  • Assurance that the correct consideration is given to a wide range of pre-construction disciplines in advance ensuring the best services are deployed which benefits customer projects overall.
  • Ability to access and share project data through a secure cloud based repository.

We feel confident using pre-construction services from Central Alliance – they demonstrate an impressive level of technical understanding as well as essential site experience and their ability to work as part of a team is excellent. We expect our partnership to continue to grow“.

Ian Purdham, Head of Region (LNW/LNE), Story Contracting Limited.