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Slope Stabilisation

Ground Investigation for Slope Stabilisation

Slope stability is an issue impacting the construction and maintenance of roads, railways, commercial and residential projects and there are many stabilisation techniques available to address the problem including soil nailing, slope drainage, facing systems, re-grading, retaining structures or Electrokinetic Geosynthetics (EKG). Alone or in…

Ground Investigation, Surveying, Monitoring

Surveying and Monitoring at Arcow Quarry

Central Alliance with their surveying and monitoring team carried out a ground investigation in order to establish strata, ascertain geo technical properties and install vibrating wire piezometers at Arcow quarry. Additional surveying and monitoring instrumentation including rod and plate settlement markers, permanent ground markers and…

Ground Investigation

Central Alliance acquires Drift Ground Investigation.

Complementary acquisition extends the reach of Central Alliance into the utility and rail sectors and strengthens position in a changing construction sector. Central Alliance Ltd, a leader in integrated pre-construction services, has acquired the ground and structural investigation and land drilling experts, Drift GI Ltd….