AMCO benefit from one pre-construction partner

Surveying Services for AMCO

AMCO benefit from one pre-construction partner


Project background

AMCO is undertaking a scheme of work from Network Rail that incorporates the investigation for subsequent work on voided structures (investigating at risk viaducts throughout the LNE zone), tunnels and bridge replacements.

Project Scope

This scope of work faces a number of challenges and requires supervision from our experienced geotechnical engineers, skilled labour and specialist plant and equipment resources.


Central Alliance pioneered the drilling technique on voided structures work using window sampling rigs by combined dynamic sampling and rotary coring from track level on top of the viaduct. The technique has enabled a rapid investigation of the structures to take place with minimum disturbance to the track. Full services delivered include:

  • Cable Percussion/Rotary Drilling
  • Diamond Coring
  • Automatic Ballast Sampling
  • Topographical Surveying
  • Utility Surveying


Central Alliance has quickly become AMCO Rail’s preferred subcontractor for all GI works and the only subcontractor to work on the voided structures programme. We are continuing to work on the programme in 2015-2016. Our strengths lie in the following areas:

  • Communication – Central Alliance is a maturing organization, built on strong relationships and constant communication. Our collaborative, customer focused style ensures repeat business – we have been delivering geotechnical and surveying services to AMCO now for over 8 years.
  • Service Delivery – one of our key strengths lies in our flexibility and ability to successfully deliver a variety of integrated solutions for our clients, including AMCO. We pride ourselves on our geotechnical and surveying knowledge and ability to respond to any given situation using our own directly employed multi-skilled labour.
  • Financial – Central Alliance are fully aware of the progress of any AMCO project we work on as a result of involvement at many, if not all phases of preconstruction, ensuring problems are dealt with early and effectively, trying to keep project costs to a minimum