Instrumentation and Monitoring


Inclinometers measure lateral movements or deformation in soil, rock or structures. Our team can measure changes in inclinometer casing to build datasets for the deformation history of the installation location, available as raw data and/or graphs after data processing. Examples of use can include unstable slopes (including highway and railway embankments), shafts and tunnels and building foundations.

Central Alliance can also offer remote monitoring of inclinometers which reduce carbon emissions and improves safety on site.


Vibrating wire piezometers (VWP) accurately measure pore water pressures of fully or partially saturated soil and rock. Data can be collected through the use of data loggers for comprehensive, long-term data, or using readout units to collect data as needed. Examples of VWP installations can include failing or unstable soil slopes, road cuttings, and highway and railway embankments.

We also offer fully remote monitoring installations.

Taking manual vibrating wire piezometer readings in a borehole drilled by Central Alliance.


Central Alliance is able to monitor for changes in groundwater levels using dip meters to provide accurate water level readings at a the time of monitoring. Our team can also offer the implementation of technology such as submersible water level data loggers that can be set up to monitor at different time frequencies to plot changes to the water table over time. 

Sampling of boreholes can be undertaken, which emables environmental testing using our UKAS-accredited internal testing facilities within RSK such as Envirolab. We are able to test for groundwater contaminants and conditions.

Central Alliance monitoring groundwater for a large scale project in Lincolnshire


Extensometers detect vertical changes in magnet levels to measure displacement (settlement, consolidation, heave) in soil and rock, measured using a reed switch. Extensometer monitoring builds a history of vertical change throughout the monitoring period. Examples of extensometer monitoring can include natural and made ground on construction sites, and unstable slopes (including highway and railway embankments).

Taking magnetic extensometer readings in a borehole drilled by Central Alliance.


Central Alliance provides ground gas monitoring using a portable Gas Analyser to present a breakdown of the air from within a borehole pipe. Our team have the capability to test for gasses including oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide alongside the pressure, both internally and externally, of the borehole during monitoring and flow rate.

Conducting gas monitoring in a borehole drilled by Central Alliance.