Instrumentation and Monitoring

Remote monitoring is a valuable tool to improve site safety and reduce carbon emissions for construction projects. At Central Alliance, we strive towards reducing our carbon footprint and are consistently working towards our sustainability targets while simultaneously improving efficiency and quality of data for our clients. Numerous successful remote projects for Network Rail alongside work for other large clients such as JBA, Kirklees Council and Coffey have proven the importance of remote monitoring to the future of the ground investigation industry and we are proud to be a leading figure in implementing this innovation.



Sight Automation is our remote monitoring brand, providing remote monitoring installations and an online data portal.


Central Alliance believes the safety of workers and environmental impact should take a primary position when providing site monitoring installations. In-place inclinometers (IPI) are perfect for difficult-to-access, remote areas that are challenging or dangerous for monitoring technicians to retrieve data. Access restrictions including close proximity to road or rail can be major factors affecting safety; however, using IPIs can provide solutions to the issues presented.

A remote monitoring gateway used for monitoring a road in a remote area to check water levels and movement.


Vibrating wire piezometers monitor ground pore pressure in saturated rock and soils. Central Alliance has implemented multiple successful fully remote setups across the country to clients requiring an accurate and long-term solution to below ground pressure monitoring.

Environmental impact is reduced due to the remote nature of the monitoring which decreases the number of people visiting the site to download readings. This improves safety for all involved.

Central Alliance vehicle next to a solar panel set up to send and receive remote data.


Earthworks failure detection systems can be provided by Central Alliance to provide immediate notification of movement on slopes. Remote monitoring of railway embankments has been successful and continues to provide safety-critical monitoring information for clients such as Network Rail.

A Central Alliance employee next to a camera setup monitoring a railway and adjacent embankment with tilt sensors.


Central Alliance can provide triaxial tilt sensor installations on the trackbed to ensure the safety of trains by sending instant alerts when movement is detected. The tilt sensors can withstand the conditions created alongside the rail from movement and weather and returns data to a central gateway and online portal remotely, requiring no cables. Breakdowns in communication due to damaged wires, therefore, are completely prevented.

Central Alliance installing a gateway to monitor track movement on a railway where a landslip has occurred


Water level monitoring has proven to be of great importance for Central Alliance’s clients. Flood alleviation projects in York have benefitted from our remote installations, which provide intelligence from our valuable data for the Environment Agency.

Central Alliance has also been involved in implementing a flow monitoring system for catch pits.

The Foss Barrier where remote monitoring was installed by Central Alliance for water level.