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Central Alliance’s Applied Technologies division draws upon extensive collective experience within the organisation, the latest technology and leading academic research to find solutions to industry challenges and problems. We take on challenges, look at them from a different perspective and find innovative technologies and different processes that address those challenges. We analyse the latest innovations and apply them to real-world situations.

The Applied Technologies division was established in 2015 as a small team to innovate and introduce new technology, new methods and more sustainable methods of operating. Now an extensive team of mechanical, software, hardware and geo engineers, together with data analysts and data acquisition specialists, we have several successful research & development projects that have revolutionised the industry.

The Central Alliance Cone Penetration Tesing (CPT) rig testing in a field by the sea.

A key focus for Central Alliance is to help transform the construction industry through innovation, helping to unlock the business value of available technology and use it to improve outcomes and save money at every stage of the asset management and construction process.


The seismic energy source of the continuous surface wave equipment, with operating range of 5-100 Hz, produces surface or ‘Rayleigh’ waves which propagate across the ground surface. These are detected by the system of geophones and analysed by the software. The laptop-based software uses the data to provide a stiffness vs depth profile.


Central Alliance have collaborated with Geoptic to pioneer the use of muon tomography in infrastructure investigations in the UK. By detecting cosmic ray muon’s, we are mapping density changes providing valuable insights that traditional technologies cannot match…


GIS is a spatial database management system combined with software tool that can create, manage, analyse and map all types of spatial and non-spatial data.


With mounting pressures on the UK’s ageing infrastructure networks from ever increasing numbers of service users and unpredictable weather conditions, asset owners are looking for cost-effective solutions to provide a long-term view of network conditions to prevent future failures…