Central Alliance is the first surveying company to offer the ground-breaking ROBIN LiDAR mobile mapping system that provides multiple alternative mounting options rolled into one solution, enabling the user to map a variety of areas via walking, driving or flying.

ROBIN captures millions of measurable points that can then be used to map the environment in 3D and extract information suitable for your needs. Mobile mapping systems are extremely versatile and can be used in many sectors, including rail, highways, energy, environment and construction.


Mobile mapping using the ROBIN will benefit our customers in a number of ways:

  • Time saving – using the technology offers a significant reduction in the amount of time spent on site in comparison with more traditional surveying methods. This will depend on the requirements of the individual project, but the savings incurred by this reduction in time spent on site can ultimately be passed on to the customer.
  • Remote location work – Central Alliance has built up a reputation as the go-to ‘emergency response’ team for ground engineering technical services on emergency works in various sectors. The ROBIN is perfect for difficult to access locations where terrestrial surveying methods might struggle to obtain useful data.
  • Health and safety – at site locations that pose more of a risk to the health and safety of staff, using the ROBIN means a reduction in people required on-site and the number of shifts required in places of potential danger. Focus is shifted from gathering data in the field to processing data in the office.
  • Fast data capture – using the ROBIN means we can collect more data in a shorter period of time, preventing site re-visits. It also means we can accommodate retrospective changes in project specification more easily and cost effectively.
  • Complete mobile mapping offering – mobile mapping using the ROBIN ties in with a larger terrestrial and remote surveying/monitoring proposition from Central Alliance which includes UAV surveying, photogrammetry and aerial imaging in addition to satellite based remote sensing capability.
  • BIM – the absolute data capture offered by the ROBIN can assist the production of BIM compliant 3D models to further benefit clients who are looking to move towards a more complete asset management/BIM strategy.
Central Alliance using the ROBIN system on a backpack to conduct a survey.
Van with Cental Alliance mobile mapping equipment.


  • Reduce on-site programmes through rapid data capture
  • Health and safety benefits due to less on-site exposure to risk
  • Higher data quality
  • High density point clouds enabling BIM compliant modelling
A computerised model showing survey data collected by Central Alliance of a substation.
"With the challenges of acquiring data in often difficult to access landslide locations that pose a severe safety risk, gathering LiDAR data quickly and accurately becomes invaluable for this type of work, where an accurate representation of geomorphological features for assessing slope stability is key. When making assessments on a failing slope exact information about the existing condition of the slope is required. Mobile mapping enables us to provide accurate and timely information to our client, so that an assessment of the failure mechanism can be made, and appropriate remediation can be designed. It helps immensely in this situation to have a detailed 3D model of the site, which we can provide using the ROBIN – the multi-platform laser scanning capability of the technology means that we can capture all required mobile mapping data on any site by driving, walking or flying over it".
Joint Managing Director
Central Alliance


Mobile Mapping