From pipe cleaning and clearing, CCTV drainage surveys and diagnostics to drainage repair using traditional and no-dig techniques, RSK Group companies Geocore and Enviroflow offer total drainage solutions and accurate investigation of blocked drains, pipelines and sewers without the need for digging and excavation work.  We use remotely controlled specialist camera systems and software to carry out CCTV drains surveys.  The specialist software used enables you to see the results for yourself on DVD, all supported by a full technical report.


Central Alliance has the experience, certification, skills and knowledge to undertake drainage based projects ranging from tanks, enclosed drains and sewer systems to manhole chambers. Confined space entry needs to be undertaken by trained engineers using certified and tested safety equipment including harnesses, safety tripod and winch, gas detectors and escape equipment.


Where full CCTV drainage inspection and high pressure water jetting is not required, we can undertake basic drainage connectivity surveys to map all drainage assets and associated routes of the drainage network, where the system is operable and access allows.

Using a combination of visual inspection, electromagnetic location sonde tracing and ground penetrating radar, we can identify route connectivity and provide accurate geo-referenced survey drawings to represent the survey findings.


The most efficient drain/sewer cleaning technique is high pressure water jetting. Central Alliance can provide a range of water jetting services and equipment through RSK Group companies Geocore and Enviroflow, which are capable of carrying out work on all types of systems in a variety of applications.


CCTV and Drainage Surveys