Central Alliance Rail

Central Alliance Rail

Central Alliance, a RISQS accredited supplier, has a wide range of experience working within the rail sector. Our experienced leadership team has a wealth of knowledge and capability in providing high quality work to tight deadlines while maintaining the highest levels of safety for all involved. Through parent company RSK, we can also operate under a Principal Contractor’s Licence. 

  • Principal contractor (RSK)
  • Safe work planning
  • Project management
  • Safety critical staff



As part of RSK Group, Central Alliance can operate as a principal contractor for rail work.

We are able to provide a complete in-house package of railway site investigation including ground investigation, topographical and utility surveying, in-situ testing and mobile mapping, among many other survey services. Central Alliance can offer a unique, bespoke investigation or survey to meet project requirements on any scale. 

Furthermore, Central Alliance has considerable experience in providing short lead-in and emergency works following events, such as slope failure and extreme weather, as well as railway incidents.

Safe Work Planning

We can provide a complete in-house package of railway possession planning, safe work planning, access, safety-critical supervision, project management and delivery. Our innovative solutions support the principles of SPEED, offering efficiencies in programme and budget, while maintaining safety and improving quality.

Project Management

Central Alliance provides comprehensive project management services for rail projects, generally in the pre-construction and monitoring phases of works. We coordinate multi-disciplinary projects combining services from other RSK business units to provide an integrated solution supporting renewals, enhancements, and reactive works. Services managed by Central Alliance include all aspects of intrusive and non-intrusive surveys including ground and structural investigations and surveying, geophysical surveys, ecological services, archaeology, asbestos and demolition surveys and building surveys, along with vegetation management and tree removal, and remote and manual monitoring of geotechnical and structural assets.