Dynamic Sampling & Dynamic Probing

Central Alliance window sampling on an embankment as a freight train passes below.


Dynamic sampling rigs are smaller rigs capable of sampling through superficial deposits and are a very useful tool for quick shallow unconsolidated ground investigations. Our conventional rigs are rubber tracked, low ground pressure self-propelled units so they can access any site where shallow soft soil sampling is required. Our fleet of rigs also includes several modular rigs for restricted access and slope working. They are ideal for a ground investigation that requires chemical sampling, installing ground gas and ground water monitoring wells for subsequent environmental monitoring, and for in-situ geotechnical testing of the shallow underlying soils.


A drop hammer drives the sampling tubes into the ground and Standard Penetration Tests can be undertaken with all rigs, along with undisturbed sampling. Dynamic sampling rigs are much faster to set up over a position than the larger rigs and can access more positions per day than conventional cable percussion drilling. Our fleet includes Premier 110’s, Tecops, and Dando Terriers.


Dynamic Sampling & Dynamic Probing