Central Alliance, a RISQS accredited supplier, has a wide-ranging experience working within the rail sector. Our experienced leadership team have a wealth of knowledge and capability in providing high quality work to tight deadlines whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety for all involved.


We area able to provide a complete in-house package of railway site investigation including: ground investigation, topographical and utility surveying, in-situ testing and mobile mapping amongst many other services. CA can offer a unique, bespoke investigation to meet project requirements on any scale.


Further, Central Alliance has considerable experience in providing short lead-in and emergency works following events such as slope failure and extreme weather as well as railway incidents.


Central Alliance can provide the following services in a rail environment:


Ground Investigation


  • Automatic Ballast Sampling (ABS)
  • Window sampling and dynamic probing
  • Cable percussion and rotary drilling
  • Cone Penetration Testing (CPT)
  • Continuous Surface Wave (CSW) testing
  • Hand pitting
  • Concrete coring
  • In-situ testing (Plate Bearing, CBR)




  • Utilities surveying
  • Topographical surveying
  • LiDAR scanning
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  • Geophysics
  • Laser Scanning
  • GIS data collection


As part of the RSK Group, Central Alliance are able to provide supplementary services to the rail industry, as well as comprehensive laboratory testing including specific Network Rail testing suites.


For more information, please e-mail info@central-alliance.co.uk or see our Services pages.