We are proud to work on the important projects that enable our economy and society to grow: places to work and places to live; road and rail, tunnels and bridges; heat, light, power and water.



We collaborate with our customers from the very earliest phases of a construction project that all vary in scope, budget, schedule and complexity.  We provide innovative pre-construction services, giving you the breadth, depth and calibre of technical and organisational expertise that rank amongst the best in the industry.



We deliver specialist pre-construction services to the defence and security sectors. Working within given operational constraints, we have developed systems and protocols to enable us to undertake all aspects of the pre-construction process safely, securely and successfully.



The Rail transport network is set to dramatically increase in importance over the next few years with the HS2 project and rail upgrades countrywide.  Central Alliance appreciate that in no other sector is experience more important than on the railways.  We have a history of working in rail environments, adept at managing the design process to ensure customers’ needs and expectations are met.



The energy and utilities sector is seeing unprecedented change with massive investment needed to address supply security, demand for growth and climate change.  Central Alliance’s experience spans the breadth of the energy and utilities sector and we support clients with a full suite of pre-construction services.



We deliver comprehensive services to the government and private sector clients with a genuine understanding of the transportation industry.  We are always looking for more innovative, safer and sustainable solutions for land, sea and air travel projects.