Tailored Courses

Improve the safety performance of your ground workers and construction managers with tailored buried services awareness training courses designed to fill gaps in skills and knowledge. Training is delivered by senior health and safety practitioners and we can tailor the content, delivery, timing and location of our training to address any specific issues or to meet particular learning outcomes. Example course topics include:

Course Objectives


  • Legislation & Guidance7
  • Organising & Planning
  • Electromagnetic Theory
  • CAT & Genny Controls & Operation
  • Safe Digging Techniques
  • Excavation Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Permit Issuing

Over 500 employees have been trained on a similar course and it has proven to be very successful in helping to reduce buried service strikes. Courses can be altered in anyway to be bespoke, so we can cover different elements of permitting, procedures, risk assessment, etc.


Cable Avoidance Course