Utility Surveying


Buried utility service strikes form a significant safety challenge for the construction industry. Such incidents can and do result in both death and injury for the workforce, as well as costing companies millions of pounds in associated damages and compensation costs. Despite the specialist tools that can detect buried services, these strikes still occur far too regularly. Comprehensive and regular training is essential to reducing the occurrence of these strikes and achieving improvements in the safety performance of the industry overall.


Training Central has been providing cable avoidance training to the construction, engineering and utility industries for over 10 years. We have an experienced team of manufacturer certified trainers who are able to provide comprehensive and structured training courses offering the confidence and skills needed that will help you to:

  • Detect and buried services before any construction work commences
  • Improve staff knowledge around utility plans and areas of high congestion
  • Improve site safety and reduce risk of staff injury
  • Reduce project delays


Our trainers have real problem solving skills gained from years of utility mapping experience, including working on sites with challenging and intricate services to map.
Benefits of our training courses for your staff AND your organisation include:


  • Improvement: staff are upskilled and through our high quality training
  • Impact: effectively trained staff drive value into your organisation and make staff feel valued.
  • Effective: our training courses are designed to be as practical as possible
  • Relevance: each organisation can incorporate specific issues and learning objectives into the training courses provided
  • Cooperation: we always stress the importance of team working through our training
  • Timesaving: our courses can fit into your work patterns and we can hold them at the location of your choice, to ensure to maximise efficiency

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