Satellite Monitoring

Satellite monitoring services use combinations of satellite imagery but also rely on image processing and interpretation skills to deliver specific geo-information (e.g. surface movement analysis).


In a world facing demanding global challenges and unpredictable weather condition, organisations need to be able to effectively monitor their activities and to understand the environments in which they operate. Access to accurate and reliable information is critical to monitor and analyse assets and geographical areas to ensure you know the impact of changes or events to your immediate environment so you can plan accordingly.


Satellite monitoring can provide:

  • A completely tailored service built around area of interest, frequency, type of change and alerts etc.
  • Instant access to all relevant information to run your activity and make informed decisions
  • Access to alert set ups to changes and events when they happen, allowing you to take any necessary action, saving time and money
  • Remotely accessed information reducing the need for on-site surveillance
  • Access to current information and historic data.



Satellite Monitoring

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