Satellite Monitoring for Insurance

With mounting pressures on the UK’s groundwater resources combined with historical mining, natural solution  cavities, unpredictable weather conditions and the increase in construction activity including basement construction and tunnelling, subsidence and settlement claims continue to be a major issue for the UK insurance industry. The complex geology of the UK provides a broad range of potential claims over wide geographical areas.  With increasing pressure on natural resources and fracking on the horizon the need for a robust monitoring approach has never been greater.


Satellite monitoring can provide an early warning mechanism and help direct preventative action in the following areas:


  • Identify ground and building movements arising from settlement, subsidence, heave, mining, tunnelling, construction, basement construction etc.
  • Performance monitoring of maintenance work
  • Identification of potential areas of differential settlement causing fracturing of underground infrastructure.
  • Monitoring of over ground infrastructure identifying movements on and around critical assets.


It is particularly useful for underground construction monitoring, including:

  • Tube/Subway
  • Tunnelling
  • Underground Parking
  • Inner city basement construction
  • Adjacent structure/party wall monitoring throughout construction process
  • Zone of influence monitoring during de-watering


Satellite Monitoring for Insurance

Download a PDF about Satellite Monitoring for Insurance HERE