Utility Surveying

Utility Surveying

Non-invasive underground utility surveying and mapping services from Central Alliance provide a comprehensive understanding of what lies below the ground.  Our services will contribute towards the seamless planning and execution of your construction or site investigation project, protecting your employees and avoiding costly legal action.




The benefits from obtaining accurate information prior to work commencing on site or during any project are:


  • Safety – reduce risk to workers and public
  • Minimise risk of damage to existing utilities
  • Ability to better plan service diversion requirements
  • Minimise project delays
  • Provides a permanent record for use in site management and future development
Utility Surveying



We provide comprehensive utility mapping surveys using the very latest technology and methodology.  Electromagnetic locators (CAT & GENNY equipment) enable us to locate metallic services such as power cables, cast iron mains and various telecommunication cables.


Ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems allow us to confirm the actual position of utilities and to locate the non-metallic utilities that can go undetected by the use of electromagnetic locators.


This information is then mapped and a CAD file is produced which clearly show all the utilities present.




We have over 15 years of experience in locating and mapping buried services and our surveyors are NVQ Level 5 qualified (or working towards this qualification).  All our surveys are compliant with PAS 128 standards in utility surveying, and drawings include information on the location, depth and alignment of all buried services in order to try and establish the location of the following:


  • Gas, water, electric and telecommunication services
  • Non-metallic services, e.g. clay drainage
  • Voids, tunnels, cellars and foundations
  • Disturbed and/or saturated soil
  • Other potential hazards or obstructions