Topographical Surveying

Topographical SurveyingTopographical Surveying provides a detailed picture of an area of land. All features are shown to a level of detail and scale appropriate to the individual project. Surveys can be related to any specified Grid and Datum origins, most commonly National (OS) Grid & Datum by the use of GNSS. Each surveyed point is positioned in 3 dimensions, allowing drawings to be shown with contours and spot levels, which then allow us to produce accurate ground models and 3D visualisations if required.



Dedicated software is used to turn site data into a visual representation of the area surveyed. The finished plans are generally provided in digital format, such as Autocad, which can be delivered quickly and efficiently by e-mail.


A thorough topographical land survey is essential to any construction project, reducing the possibility of costly mistakes or unforeseen issues.  These surveys provide a detailed picture of all land features show to the level of detail and scale as dictated by the individual project and can be related to National (OS) data, generally by the use of GPS equipment.


Our experienced land surveyors use the very latest in surveying technology which enables us to collect, process and present the topographic survey information efficiently and accurately.  The finished plans are generally provided in digital format, such as Autocad, which can be delivered quickly and efficiently by e-mail.


The amount and type of topographical survey detail collected on site is based on your specification. However our experienced land surveyors will use their knowledge of planning issues to provide additional information that might be vital for any future design or planning application. We are also happy to gather information from the utility companies (link to utility survey page) which can be added to your topographical survey plans.


Topographical Surveying Benefits


Central Alliance surveys ensure that all the necessary information is recorded and plotted to the correct accuracy quality, quantity and to our clients exact specification. We have a very strong client base built up through repeat business and pride ourselves on our ability to understand and evaluate client requirements.


Topographical Surveying Equipment


We use the latest survey technologies which include reflector-less and robotic total stations together with highly accurate GNSS receivers and, where appropriate 3D laser scanners, ensuring our surveys meet the highest possible standards, whilst ensuring optimum efficiency.


Our land surveyors have experience in various industry sectors including:


  • Railway surveys
  • Green/Brownfield Development sites
  • Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) / Global Positioning System (GPS) surveys
  • Highway surveys
  • Flood plain surveys
  • Watercourse channel surveys
  • Water treatment works
  • Pipeline surveys
Topographical Surveying