Geo Construction

Geo Construction


Our Geo Construction division provides specialist geotechnical solutions for a wide range of client projects requiring ‘in ground’ construction that tend to be more technically challenging and where our expertise in both ground investigation and geo construction can be well applied.  Our team of engineers and specialist drilling crews have the expertise and specialist equipment to offer the following services:


  • Electrokinetic Slope Stabilisation – Geo Construction is working in partnership with Electrokinetic Limited to install their slope stabilisation systems which combine shear strength improvement, slope reinforcement and drainage.  Bespoke ground investigation work is required for this method to ensure undisturbed samples are obtained from the same orientation and locations as the proposed Electrokinetic stabilisation methods.  The system combines ground improvement, reinforcement and drainage in such a way that it can accommodate a wide variety of ground and groundwater conditions with a low environmental impact, low carbon footprint and at a reduced cost in comparison to alternative slope stabilisation methods.


  • Soil Nailing – this method can be used as a construction technique for remedial measures to treat unstable natural soil slopes or to ensure safety when steepening new or existing slopes.  We have worked on soil nailing projects on both highways and railway embankments as well as commercial sites and understand the need to properly assess individual sites to provide the best soil nailing options.


  • Sub-Horizontal Drainage Installations – a common solution to improve the stability of slopes is the installation of horizontal drains to decrease the elevation of the water table and reduce pore pressure within the effected soil/rock. The reduction of water pressures results in a corresponding increase in the shear strength of the slope material, thereby improving slope stability.


  • Specialist Mini Piling – mini piling is the perfect solutions for smaller sites where access is tights and where environmental concerns are a priority.


  • Diamond Drilling including Coring and Cutting – this is used for the coring of holes through concrete, bitchumen and masonry for construction or investigative purposes.  Our services use the latest diamond drilling equipment to provide the best solutions for cylindrical sampling for concrete testing purposes, allowing for deterioration checks and providing the suitability for further works.


  • Diamond Sawing – this solution ensures accuracy when cutting through concrete, masonry and other construction materials.


  • Diamond Stitch Drilling  – Where concrete thicknesses exceed the limits of saw cutting, holes can be linked together to form openings.