Slope Solutions

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Slope failures on earthworks in the railway and highway environments are increasingly common. Site investigations are important to characterise the ground conditions in these areas of instability, enabling geotechnical engineers to design appropriate remedial measures.


Traditionally, investigation of these sites either entailed designing and installing platforms using scaffolding that would service a cut down cable percussion or rotary rig, or more commonly, clients would need to accept a downgrade in the data that could be recovered by using limited hand held window sampling and other equipment. In addition, these difficult to access locations are often remote from access points, so possessions of the railway and traffic management on highways are often required. Moving and establishing equipment/scaffolding on and off site can take a long time and be prohibitively expensive when using these traditional techniques.


To combat these issues, Central Alliance has developed a range of drilling rigs that are able to access restricted sites and provide the high quality geotechnical data required by design engineers.  We have used our experience of current drilling technology and projects on ‘difficult access locations’ to design rigs that are true ‘geotechnical investigation’ rigs.


Our remote control slope climbing rigs are self-levelling and can be mounted with a CPT/CPTu mast or a conventional dynamic sampling and rotary mast. The rigs have full body and mast rotation enabling us to carry out ground investigation holes in the same orientation and locations as proposed remedial works such as soil nailing or Electrokinetic slope stabilisation systems, reducing the risk of encountering unforeseen ground conditions during construction. The ability to measure in-situ pore-water pressures on slopes, often critical in slope stability analysis, marks a significant step forwards in the quality of investigative information that can now be provided to designers.


Our clients have been impressed by the ease of access, quality of data capture and high quality instrument installation capabilities that require no scaffolding, no possessions and no helicopter hire!


Our slope solutions include:


  • Slope climbing rigs (CPT, CPTu, direct push sampling, undisturbed sampling, dynamic sampling, rotary drilling, SPTs)
  • Long reach mounted platform rig with dual dynamic sampling and rotary masts
  • Telehandler mounted platform rig with dual dynamic sampling and rotary masts
  • Modular dynamic sampling rigs
  • Modular rotary rigs (including skid mounted rotary rigs.


When combined with our innovative survey techniques including UAV and mobile mapping solutions these ground investigation techniques provide the highest quality of site investigation information that has ever been available on slopes and remote and difficult access sites.


For more information on our Slope Solutions, DOWNLOAD our datasheet.