Central Alliance helps organisations to realise the power of integrated pre-construction services.


Through experienced people who understand the importance of precise site information, we ensure you are fully informed and able to move things forward into a successful construction phase. Offering everything from surveying, site investigation and innovative technology solutions to training and health and safety solutions, Central Alliance provides you with the intelligence to transform your projects with a complete set of pre-construction services.

Pre-Construction Surveying
Survey Central is a leader in specialist buried services providing managed solutions for clients in a broad range of market sectors.
Pre-Construction GEO
We are specialists in ground investigation and have a wide range of expertise in the geotechnical and geo-environmental fields.
Pre-Construction Training
Often, opportunities for growth are missed or hampered by lack of skills.   Unless firms increase training opportunities, quality of work will not improve and costs will not reduce.
Pre-Construction Health and Safety
The UK construction industry has the capability to deliver the most difficult and innovative projects, but for the industry to achieve its full potential, substantial changes in its culture and structure are also required to support improvement.
Pre-Construction Technology
Technology can present organisations with new opportunities as a strategic weapon to gain competitive advantage, improve productivity and performance and develop new ways of managing and organising.