Innovation in investigation for Central Alliance

Geo-Technical Services

Innovation in investigation for Central Alliance

Central Alliance invests in new equipment and technologies to grow geo-technical division, Geo Central

As a strong and stable partner for consultants, contractors and clients, Central Alliance has built a specialist geo-technical services division which incorporates the skills, flexibility and scalability needed to respond to the challenges faced by the rail industry. Geo Central is now responsible for an increasing number of high-profile geo-technical projects across the UK for many organisations including AMCO, J Murphy, BAM Nuttall.

Much of Geo Central’s experience is in investigating earthworks with slope stability problems and other geotechnical issues which cause problems to the permanent way including settlement, groundwater issues and subsidence related to mine workings.  Richard Pidcock, Technical Director at Central Alliance, said “At present the construction industry is growing from strength to strength and the rail sector in particular is an area that offers huge commercial potential for the company. Therefore, it is our intention to ensure we are developing our services in this sector and offering innovative geotechnical solutions to all clients.”

In 2015, Geo Central has invested in a new rotary rig, the Fraste PL G Multidrill and has developed a reputation for the bespoke manufacturing of equipment to meet individual project needs. Various specialist drilling equipment has been manufactured for the rail sector in particular, including a modular rig designed for use on restricted and difficult access locations and a platform rig that will allow works to be undertaken on steep slopes. The development of these specialised rigs means Geo Central can often access sites without the need for possessions, isolations and road rail plant, saving significant amounts of time and money.

Rachel Massey, Business Director said. “This investment in our geo division allows us to build on our reputation and provide our clients with the best equipment and access to technologically advanced services such as satellite monitoring.

Central Alliance is also looking to satellite technology to assist with access to accurate and reliable data that is so critical when monitoring and analysing assets and geographical areas. Recent advances in space technology mean that satellites are positioned to capture images every 11-16 days and sophisticated processing can provide accurate movement monitoring results. Geo Central provides the essential geotechnical expertise and sense checking from UK based engineers with extensive rail experience – this gives the satellite data real commercial value for the rail sector.