Central Alliance’s focus on innovating and investment in to research and development is not only leading to significant work in the UK, but also expanding the business’s global operations. Central Alliance has always had a strong focus on technology and innovation and in 2016 established the Applied Technologies department, with the sole aim of introducing new investigation and survey techniques in to the business. Starting out as an early adopter of new technology the business soon started applying existing technology to new applications by collaborating with academia and other industry specialists. The acquisition of Electrokinetic Limited in 2021, another like-minded and R&D focused business, opened up a wider range of innovative services that Central Alliance could provide.

A Central Alliance and Electrokinetic project at a Rio Tinto mine.

The Central Alliance – Electrokinetic team and client Rio Tinto, at a closed mine tailings storage facility in Western Australia

Reaching to all corners of the globe, the business has current projects as far apart as Australia, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Germany and Peru, providing specialist expertise to the mining, renewable energy and carbon capture and storage sectors globally.

“These exciting and innovative current projects, both in the UK and overseas, are particularly satisfying, as it shows that our commitment to technology and R&D is now paying off. At times, it is easy to question whether you are doing the right thing. With no immediate return on investment, R&D can be difficult to justify sometimes, but this shows that our long term strategy has paid off, opening up new sectors to us, as well as new territories, whilst helping to tackle some the planets biggest challenges.” “As a direct result of the commitment to R&D, we now have a diverse team of specialists ranging from geotechnical, environmental and mechanical engineers, to software developers and instrumentation specialists. These exciting projects help us to attract the brightest talent, which further helps to propel the business forwards.”
Richard Pidcock
Joint Managing Director (CA)