26 AUGUST 2023


Central Alliance has successfully obtained a standard international operator’s license following several years’ operating a restricted license. The standard international operator’s license allows the business to transport both its own plant, equipment and materials, but also for other businesses for hire or reward internationally.

Together with investment in the CA HGV fleet, the license will allow the business to transport goods for other RSK businesses as well as external companies. The Central Alliance fleet currently includes several rigid HGV’S and a low loader, with plans to invest in a hiab truck this year expanding our diverse fleet.

“The new license is a significant and exciting step forwards for us, not only demonstrating our commitment to operating a compliant and safe fleet, but also allowing the business to expand its operations and assist both Central Alliance and the wider RSK Group to carry out its business more efficiently and responsibly.” “With Central Alliance undertaking operations in all parts of the UK, from the Orkney’s and Outer Hebrides to the far south-west in Cornwall, and now international operations, having control of transportation and logistics to maximise the efficiency of our movements, is a key requirement for the future of the business.”
Marie Rushforth
Transport Manager
A Central Alliance lorry transporting a rotary rig.

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