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Central Alliance strengthens its geotechnical capabilities with launch of new geo construction division

The new geotechnical division will focus on specialist geo construction services, designed to help clients successfully engineer their infrastructure projects

Central Alliance, the market leading pre-construction services company, strengthens its geotechnical capabilities by adding to its fleet of specialist slope climbing drilling rigs, allowing the company to support its clients with a wider range of solutions for slopes which can access restricted sites and provide high quality geotechnical data including the ability to measure in-situ pore water pressures (CPTu testing) on slopes, often critical in slope stability analysis.  This marks a significant step forward in the quality of investigative information that can now be provided to designers, with data emailed directly from the drilling rig.  Undisturbed sampling can also be undertaken by direct push and dynamic sampling methods to suit ground conditions.  A second slope climbing rig is capable of combined dynamic sampling and rotary methods for sampling soil and rock.

Central Alliance has already developed a range of specialist drilling rigs that provide solutions to investigations on slopes. These include long reach and telehandler mounted platform rigs with dual dynamic sampling and rotary masts as well as modular dynamic sampling and rotary rigs.  This fleet of specialist slope access rigs combined with the innovative surveying techniques offered by the surveying division of Central Alliance including Unmanned Aerial Systems and mobile mapping solutions, provide the highest quality site investigation information that has ever been available on slopes and difficult access sites.

The new division also allows Central Alliance to broaden its offering to customers with a new specialist geotechnical construction services division, ‘Geo Construction’.  The specialist slope access rigs have full body and mast rotation enabling Central Alliance to carry out ground investigation in the same orientation and location as proposed remedial works such as soil nailing or Electrokinetic slope stabilisation techniques, significantly minimising the risk of unforeseen ground conditions and providing valuable data to inform more accurate pricing and methodology for construction.  To support this new offering the company are working in partnership with Electrokinetic to install their slope stabilisation systems and have already undertaken specialist mini-piling projects.  Soil nailing will also form part of the new company’s offering whilst assisting Electrokinetic Limited on further R&D.

Central Alliance is already working on projects using these new rigs and has just completed bespoke ground investigation work on the A14 at Brampton Hut for Amey.  Works included inclined CPTu holes, undisturbed direct push and dynamic sampling and trial anode installations on the junction slip road embankments which were suffering from stability problems.  The ground investigation works have provided valuable data for the proposed remediation of the slopes using Electrokinetic methods planned for later in 2017.

Richard Pidcock, Group Technical Director of Central Alliance said. “The combined ground investigation and specialist geotechnical construction capability of the unique slope climbing rigs, including installation of Electrokinetic Limited’s innovative slope stabilisation systems is very well placed to respond to the needs of our customers who are increasingly looking for a more comprehensive solution to their slope stability needs from investigation through to design, installation and verification”.

Dr John Lamont-Black at Electrokinetic Limited said “The combination of the specialist rigs and Central Alliance’s breadth and depth of capability and experience creates an exciting combination that will deliver increasing value to customers”.

Services offered by the new division are being used across the construction industry from residential development, infrastructure and civil engineering projects to the energy and power sectors.  With transportation and utilities infrastructure becoming growing investment priorities, Central Alliance are preparing for increases in the requirement for specialist geo construction services.
Central Alliance has grown and evolved with the geotechnical industry, giving us unique insight into the pain points faced by our clients,” said Pete Bevils, CEO of Central Alliance. “We know that the convergence of technology and specialist geo construction is the answer for many of our clients and we’ve invested heavily in the expertise and experience to make this happen. This is just the start. Clients are already taking full advantage of this expertise.

About Electrokinetic Limited
Electrokinetic Limited provides innovative solutions for remediating unstable slopes and dewatering slurries and sludges based on patented EKG (electrokinetic geosynthetics) technology.
The EKG slope stabilisation system is an adaptable, multifunctional and low- impact construction approach. It combines into a single solution, the synergistic components of electroosmotic ground improvement, enhanced reinforcement and active and passive drainage.  Electrokinetic Limited also incorporate the technology in EKG Dewatering Bags which combine electro-osmosis and hydraulic filtration to effect dewatering of materials in containment filtration bags and a method to combine electro-osmosis with conventional well-point technology to permit effective in situ dewatering.  The company has pioneered the commercial application of EKG products and processes through an extensive family of patents relating to EKG materials, applications and methods.
Electrokinetic Limited provides the following materials and services:

• Specialist soil testing services targeted at quantifying design parameters related to electrical and electrokinetic characteristics of soils and other mineral substrates
• Consultancy services for designing with EKG technology
• EKG materials including anodes, cathodes, EKG filtration materials and reinforcement
• DC power equipment and heavy-duty electrical cables