Central Alliance acquires Drift Ground Investigation.

Ground Investigation

Central Alliance acquires Drift Ground Investigation.

Complementary acquisition extends the reach of Central Alliance into the utility and rail sectors and strengthens position in a changing construction sector.

Central Alliance Ltd, a leader in integrated pre-construction services, has acquired the ground and structural investigation and land drilling experts, Drift GI Ltd. Drift, a respected provider of site investigation services performed well in its last financial year, with major customers in the rail, utilities and construction sectors.

The company uses a fleet of specialized drilling rigs and their drilling crews have significant experience in both the geotechnical and environmental investigations.  Drift will form part of the Geo Central business within Central Alliance that focuses on site investigation and geotechnical services.With this acquisition, Central Alliance Ltd strengthens its position as a leader in integrated pre-construction services to ensure projects are equipped with precise, comprehensive site information at the pre-build stage, so they can be delivered safely and on time.

Demand for geotechnical services continues to increase, with strong growth in the energy markets and infrastructure sectors with work coming through from the rail sector in particular.  Central Alliance are keen to push the integration of their site investigation services with existing surveying services, enabling the company to offer broader pre-construction services.

Richard Pidcock, Managing Director of Drift said, “Our primary objective was to work with a buyer who is a specialist in the pre-construction field and one that could facilitate the most promising opportunities for our customers. With Central Alliance, we believe we achieved this objective.

“This is a very positive development for customers, partners and employees.  Through the breadth and experience of our combined business we are very well placed to respond to the needs of the sector.  The combination of services creates a stronger partnership with our customers – we look forward to building on our joint strengths and vision for Central Alliance going forward at an important time for the construction sector.”

Rachel Massey, Group Business Director commented, “Drift brings a wealth of experience and an excellent reputation. By combining experience, services and new technologies, Central Alliance will now be leading the industry into innovative services and providing solutions that you won’t find from other pre-construction related service providers”.