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Survey Central is a leader in specialist buried services providing managed solutions for clients in a broad range of market sectors.

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We are specialists in site investigation and have a wide range of expertise in the geotechnical and geo-environmental fields.

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Providing a range of courses that cover specific industry related skills, health & safety subjects as well as general management, supervisory and team building training.

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The industry must provide decent and safe working conditions and improve management and supervisory skills at all levels.

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Technology can present organisations with new opportunities as a strategic weapon to gain competitive advantage, improve productivity and performance.

Pre-Construction Services

Specialist pre-construction services provided at Eden Brows

Central Alliance provided a variety of specialist pre-construction services to Story Contracting for this difficult access project.  The location proved difficult to reach with conventional equipment and ground conditions were challenging following severe weather conditions.  Geo Central carried out detailed ground investigations including rotary boreholes…

Ground Investigation, Surveying, Monitoring

Surveying and Monitoring at Arcow Quarry

Central Alliance with their surveying and monitoring team carried out a ground investigation in order to establish strata, ascertain geo technical properties and install vibrating wire piezometers at Arcow quarry. Additional surveying and monitoring instrumentation including rod and plate settlement markers, permanent ground markers and…

Photogrammetry Farnley Haugh 3D Model

Emergency Response at Farnley Haugh

Surveying techniques including topographical/UAV surveys and aerial photography were deployed at this site as part of an emergency response programme of work after the embankment failed following severe weather.  Due to the instability of the embankment, a 3D model was created using photogrammetry to assist…

Utility Surveying mapping at Sainsbury's

UK wide utility surveying programme for PJ Carey

SAINSBURY’S BENEFIT FROM UTILITY SURVEYING AND MAPPING SERVICES Project Background Central Alliance has worked with PJ Carey on a number of their projects involving surveying and have been impressed with our overall service. Recently they asked Central Alliance to carry out a programme of work…

Surveying Services for AMCO

AMCO benefit from one pre-construction partner

STRUCTURAL INVESTIGATIONS REQUIRE GEOTECHNICAL AND SURVEYING SERVICES Project background AMCO is undertaking a scheme of work from Network Rail that incorporates the investigation for subsequent work on voided structures (investigating at risk viaducts throughout the LNE zone), tunnels and bridge replacements. Project Scope This scope…

cable avoidance training

Cable Avoidance Training, Lendlease

Lendlease use Training Central for cable avoidance training Training ensures a significant reduction in buried service strikes “Training Central has been instrumental in providing cable avoidance training, buried services training and management for Lendlease. Any organisation that can understand our training requirements so quickly and…