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Survey Central is a leader in specialist buried services providing managed solutions for clients in a broad range of market sectors.

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We are specialists in site investigation and have a wide range of expertise in the geotechnical and geo-environmental fields.

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Providing a range of courses that cover specific industry related skills, health & safety subjects as well as general management, supervisory and team building training.

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The industry must provide decent and safe working conditions and improve management and supervisory skills at all levels.

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Technology can present organisations with new opportunities as a strategic weapon to gain competitive advantage, improve productivity and performance.

Woodhouse Ancient Mine Workings Stabilisation

Woodhouse is a former farming and coal-mining village, now a suburb and housing estate in the south-east of Sheffield. Infrastructure links include a railway to Sheffield and a station on the Sheffield–Lincoln railway line. As an area of historic mining activity, the potential for near…

Point-Cloud Survey

Point-Cloud Survey Solution from Central Alliance

Whiterock, located on the west of the City of Belfast, forms part of the Lower Falls electoral region. The Northern Ireland government, keen to improve the derelict perception of some parts of thearea and ultimately provide facilities that will benefit the local community and community…