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Survey Central is a leader in specialist buried services providing managed solutions for clients in a broad range of market sectors.

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We are specialists in site investigation and have a wide range of expertise in the geotechnical and geo-environmental fields.

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Providing a range of courses that cover specific industry related skills, health & safety subjects as well as general management, supervisory and team building training.

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The industry must provide decent and safe working conditions and improve management and supervisory skills at all levels.

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Technology can present organisations with new opportunities as a strategic weapon to gain competitive advantage, improve productivity and performance.




We are proud as pre construction specialists to work on the important projects that enable our economy and society to grow: places to work and places to live; road and rail, tunnels and bridges; heat, light, power and water.


We collaborate with our customers from the very earliest phases of a construction project that all vary in scope, budget, schedule and complexity.


We deliver specialist pre-construction services to the defence and security sectors within given constraints. We have developed systems to undertake all aspects successfully.


The Rail transport network is set to dramatically increase in importance over the next few years with the HS2 project and rail upgrades countrywide.


The energy and utilities sector is seeing unprecedented change with massive investment needed to address supply security, demand for growth and climate change.


Working with both government and private sector clients, we are always looking for more innovative, safer and sustainable solutions for land, sea and air travel projects.


It’s time to




Central Alliance helps organisations to realise the power of integrated pre-construction services.

Pre-Construction Surveying

Leader in specialist surveying services.

Pre-Construction GEO

Specialists in site investigation.

Pre-Construction Training

Improving quality of work.

Pre-Construction Health and Safety

Providing safe working conditions.

Pre-Construction Technology

Technology presents new opportunities.

Pre Construction Services

Offering surveying through to training.

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Central Alliance РEarth Observation


Helping organisations to realise the power of integrated pre-construction services.

Integrated Pre Construction Services

Subsurface Laser Scanning

Providing geo referenced subsurface data on any voids and cavities.

Ground Investigation

The latest drilling rigs and equipment to provide geo-information, analysis and advice.


Providing cable avoidance training for ground workers and managers in the construction, engineering and rail industries.

3D Laser Scanning

The fastest, most effective and reliable way to acquire accurate 3D measurements of physical objects.

Structural Investigations

Performed on all types of structures and all types or materials to provide condition surveys.

Information Hosting

For making sense of all the data collected and allowing easy access for all project stakeholders.

Utility Surveys

Mapping of underground services, detected with the use of electromagnetic tracing and ground penetrating radar (GPR) to provide utility drawings for planning purposes, clearance and ground workings.

Instrumentation & Monitoring

Telemetry systems for the measurement and analysis of ground and structure movements.

Satellite Observation

For satellite imagery and earth observation to the monitoring of millimetric land movements from space over time.

Topographical Surveys

Gathering accurate alignment & level details for existing natural and man made structures presented in scaled topographic drawings.

Geomorphological Mapping

A preliminary tool for geo hazard risk management that provides graphical inventories of a landscape depicting landforms and surface as well as subsurface materials.

UAV Surveys

UAV technology provides high quality data and imagery only possible from the air.

CCTV Surveys

CCTV camera technology allows full investigation and condition surveys of pipes, drains and sewers.

HD Aerial Video

Aerial observations include aerial photography, video and thermal imaging.

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