Access, update and share your pre-construction data and asset information



We know that ‘knowledge is power’ and we all have access to more information than ever before but simple, effective information sharing continues to be a challenge for many organisations – if data can’t get into the hands of the people that need it, that power is lost.

Using WorldSurveyed, we can bring the power of that data back to your project managers, external stakeholders, remote field workers and office staff.


  • Hosted, secure cloud based technology available 24/7 365
  • Android, iOS and Windows compatible
  • Asset definition is geospatial; all documents stored and retrieved using GNSS referencing
  • Quick and simple map based user navigation
  • Complete control over document access – you decide who sees what
  • Retrieve documents based on real-time physical location
  • User hierarchy allows functions to be switched on/off by individual user ID
  • Stores any type of document; PDF, Word, Excel, AutoCad etc
  • Interested parties receive notification of newly published documents via email
  • Control of documents versions, includes audit trail and roll-back to previous.


  • Store pre-construction data in a secure hosted environment
  • Identify your project data locations quickly and easily from the GNSS reference dashboard map
  • Access your data with any device using any browser; Windows, Android, iOS
  • Welcome all stakeholders into your portal; you decide which documents they can access and what functions each user can perform
  • Publish other related pre-construction documents to the portal to organise work flow e.g. health & safety information, photographs, videos, access information etc.
  • Store any type of file format in the portal
  • Ensure the latest document only is viewed by utilising version control
  • Use audit queries to view user activity
  • See your data on mobile devices based on your devices’ real-time GPS location.

View all assets and associated documents on one screen with WorldSurveyed and navigate quickly to your chosen location and drill deeper into your documents.