Satellite Monitoring for Rail

With mounting pressures on the UK’s ageing infrastructure networks from ever increasing numbers of service users and unpredictable weather conditions, asset owners are looking for cost-effective solutions to provide a long-term view of network conditions to prevent future failures. The rail industry specifically needs to be able to effectively monitor activity to understand the environments in which they operate.  Satellite monitoring can provide an early warning mechanism and help direct preventative action and mitigate risk in the following areas:


  • Stability and monitoring of civil engineering structures such as bridges, embankments, cuttings etc.
  • Stability of the track bed itself
  • Monitoring of railway infrastructure and station buildings
  • Impact of large scale terrain deformation on rail-infrastructure: settlement, subsidence, landslides, mining, differential settlements at hard/soft interfaces (eg bridge/viaduct abutments).
  • • Performance monitoring of maintenance work.

Download a PDF about Satellite Monitoring for Rail HERE