Intelligent Infrastructure

Intelligent infrastructure enables Central Alliance to get more from existing assets without the need for new construction.  We do this by understanding the way our clients’ assets are performing, enabling better decision making around how we design, operate and maintain them.


We digitise things so that we can measure them.  If you can measure it, you can calibrate against losses, pinpointing when, where and how inefficiencies occur and how to improve performance.


Central Alliance are uniquely placed as a pre-construction specialist and data acquisition company.  We draw upon technology from various sources to provide intelligent asset management solutions at every level, allowing our clients to act and invest for maximum effect, from measuring performance in real-time. to focused maintenance with ageing assets becoming increasingly efficient over time.  The data we acquire provides critical insights that can be applied to the development of new assets.  This data can also be manipulated and used to solve problems, warn against failures, change the use of resources and add value.


Intelligent infrastructure enables clients to maximise their assets against the backdrop of constrained resources and budgets.  The value of information is high – we recognise that the data and information that we acquire has high value and loss of information represents a loss of value.  Information value is increased by improving connectivity (the network effect) and increasing integration.


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