Water and Leak Detection

Utilis_Intelligent Infrastructure


As a pre-construction services provider, specialising in data collection in support of understanding and monitoring assets, infrastructure and the environment, Central Alliance is excited to partner with Utilis to bring proven satellite scanning technology to accurately find water leaks and provide saturated ground analysis.


This revolutionary new way of detecting water leaks by analysing spectral images from satellites (applying the same technology used to look for water on other planets), means Central Alliance can assist organisations to understand the interaction between utilities and critical infrastructure, whilst separately also identifying saturated ground that may highlight drainage, or geotechnical problems.


Leak Detection


The technology uses spectral spaceborne imaging – taken from satellite-mounted sensors – to spot leakage in underground distribution and transmission pipes. The raw imagery is then overlaid onto a GIS map and is processed by using unique algorithms. The algorithm detects water by looking for a particular spectral “signature” typical to treated water. The data is then processed to deliver a pinpointed leakage graphic report overlaid onto a map with streets and pipes if required.


Saturated Ground Analysis


By re-processing the same satellite image used for water leak detection we are able to provide information on ground saturation and soil moisture content remotely from space, in the form of a heat map. This heat map can then be used to identify problem areas for drainage and potential areas of geotechnical failures without the need for direct access, undertaken remotely from space.


By combining this powerful data with geological information, utility mapping and drainage plans, Central Alliance can provide interpretation in the form of risk maps to identify where leaking pipes and highly saturated ground could have the potential to have a major impact on critical infrastructure such as structures and earthworks. The technology enables more informed decisions to be made in the asset management process in order to direct resource in the form of further examinations, surveys, investigation or remediation.




Fully remote – monitoring of utility leaks and ground saturation.

Coverage – wide area coverage in one satellite image.

Efficiency – leaks are found and saturated ground analysed without the time and manpower associated with the traditional methods of field based surveys providing significant health and safety and resource benefits.

Accuracy – the leaks are displayed via user friendly GIS reports that can pinpoint leaks with great accuracy including street/pipe locations.

Complete data – this data can be provided stand alone or as part of a more complete and integrated asset management approach by Central Alliance that can combine data from various sources (including geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, drainage, utility mapping, examination reports) to provide a risk map for critical infrastructure.

Integration – from various disciplines within Central Alliance including leak verification, drainage surveys, topographical and utility surveys, monitoring and investigation, to offer a complete picture and critical insights to our clients that will serve to inform the design and remediation/construction phases.