Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum Excavation, or Vac-Ex is generally used as a term to describe the safe exposure of utilities beneath the ground that could be damaged by more traditional means of excavation such as mini diggers or shovels.   As well as being non-destructive the Vac-Ex process can excavate very narrow and deep holes or trenches – 2 meters deep by 90mm wide is easily achievable.


The soil removal process is extremely rapid and can save up to 5 times the time taken over hand digging.  The Vac-Ex units can come in different sizes, shapes and weights to suit the job and ensures that excavation is compliant with the PAS128 guidelines on utility detection.




  • Reduced utility strikes
  • No damage to underground services
  • Safer and faster than hand digging
  • Reduces size of excavations and minimises waste cost
  • No spoil on site – less traffic disruption